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Exercise with a Historical Perspective

Instruction in the Art and Science of Fencing with the Victorian Fencing Society.

Fencing, the art of offense and defense with a sword, was practiced by men and women as exercise, pastime and martial art in the Victorian Era.

The Victorian Fencing Society offers a unique class that combines a low impact workout and the discussion of historical topics of the 18th and 19th century.

Exercise brain and body with the Victorian Fencing Society.

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Jonathan Carr began fencing in 1984 under

the tutelage of Kate and Andrew Pekarik,

two Hungarian emigrants that had competed

on the Hungarian Junior National Team. After

years of competitive fencing where he won

numerous state and divisional medals in

Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana, he started

teaching fencing in Mississippi in 1997. He

received his coaching certification at the

USFA Coaches College, was Division Chair

of the USFA Louisiana Division from

2001-2004, and coached students at the

United States Junior Olympics.

In 2011 he began teaching eighteenth

and nineteenth century historical fencing.

Currently he is a coach at the Fencing

Institute of Texas.


For more information you may contact

Jonathan Carr at


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